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fass programmes

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Faculty of Arts and Social Studies Programmes

Diploma Progrmees

  • Diploma in Library and Information Science

Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • BA in History
  • BA in History and International Studies
  • BA in Communication & Media
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Studies
  • BSc in Economics and Statistics
  • BSc in Criminology and Security Studies
  • BA in Economics and History
  • BA in Economics & Sociology
  • BA in Sociology and Religious Studies
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • BA in Peace Education
  • BA in Kiswahili and Communication
  • BA in English and Communication

Post Diploma Graduate Programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Probation Practice and Correctional Studies

Masters Degree Programmes

  • MA in History
  • MA in Sociology
  • MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • MA in Security Management
  • MA in Applied Linguistics
  • MA in English Language and Linguistics
  • MA in Kiswahili
  • MA in Literature
  • MA in Economics
  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

Doctorate Programmes

  • PhD in History
  • PhD in English Language and Linguistics
  • PhD in Kiswahili
  • PhD in Literature
  • PhD in Economics
  • PhD in Religious Studies
  • PhD in Sociology

About Faculty

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Karibu (welcome) to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences popularly known by its acronym FASS. The faculty offers over thirty certificate, diploma and degree programmes. The programmes are designed meet local and global challenges and well support the realization of vision 2030.  Among recent masters degree programmes introduced are Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Master of Arts in Security Management. The programmes are run by more than fifty highly qualified and experienced academic staff. The Faculty comprises of four departments namely: Department of Economics; Department of Languages, Literature and Linguistics; Department of Peace Security and Social Studies and; Department of Philosophy, History and Religion.

Course taught in these departments cover diverse disciplines such as Anthropology, Community Development, Criminology, Economics, History, Literature, Linguistics, Kiswahili (language/lugha), Kiswahili (Fasihi), Philosophy, Sociology, Statistics and Religious Studies. All the departments are housed in a modern building equipped with language laboratories, computer facilities, and lecture theatres/classrooms.

Career opportunities open for graduates of the faculty include teaching, banking, management, crime and security management, policing, law, accounts, statistics, community development etc.
The Faculty’s mission is to produce graduates whose integration and professional contribution to society promotes the advancement of humanity


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  • Research Papers
  • Research Projects
  • Faculty Handbook

Student welfare services

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Directorate of Student Welfare Services


A World Class Provider of Student Welfare Services.


To offer excellent catering and accommodation services and maintain good living environment to support learning.


To provide affordable catering and accommodation services to students and visitors.


To ensure 100% provision of accommodation, catering, security and welfare services to students at all times.

The Directorate of Student Welfare Services coordinates both Catering and Accommodation departments in the University. Its function is to ensure quality Residential and Food services at an affordable rate. The office makes preference to the comfort of students at the university. The quality of learning is positively correlated to the quality of living in the residential places. In the line with the University t be A World Class University for the Advancement of Humanity, we peg our services on this vision. The student fraternity continues to be our primary clientele and we efficiently respond to their needs at all times. We liaise with other departments to ensure the Security, Peaceful living and personal development are achieved at all times. We aspire to make the university a home for all students where they can enter into dialogue with us to improve the quality of services. We can do this with the full good will of the students. Partnership with the students is vital for the good order, maintenance, and intervention of their needs.

The directorate, with its departments and committees will include students in their processes. This will include ensuring quality services at both the University and outsource Catering Services. The team will facilitate students’ safety and comfort by ensuring that the rules in the service areas are maintained.

The Directorate offers excellent catering and accommodation services to both local and international students. There are also kitchenettes available to students who wish to cook for themselves. We prepare an all rounded student in areas of academics, spiritual, social, professional, and personal growth.