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Mrs BEATRICE M, Onsarigo,
Lecturer, Department of Peace,Security and Social studies
Faculty of Arts and Social sciences,
Department of PSSS,
Egerton University
P. O. Box 536, 20115 Egerton, Kenya
Mobile: +254 -722 392978

Welcome to the Department of Peace, Security and Social Studies. This department is housed in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It offers various programmes including Bachelor of Arts with Sociology; Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Religion); Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Sociology); Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies and Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies which is the most recent programme and the most popular among students.

The clientele for this programme are mainly practicing Police and Army officers. However, since the year, 2011, the programme is also attracting a lot of young people right out of high school. So far the graduates from the programme are being placed in different firms and organizations to take care of their institutional security matters. Currently the programme has a total of about 600 students in the Nakuru Town Campus as well as Nairobi City Campus. The Bachelor of Arts programmes in Njoro Campus have an approximate population of 1000.

The Department also offers Master in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Master of Arts in Security Management. This is besides the traditional M.A in Sociology (Community Development and project Planning). M.A programmes inall the Campuses have a student population of about 300 students. We also offer Ph.D programmes in Sociology.

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